Thursday, December 24, 2015

What is life after bankruptcy? It is actually having a life. Bankruptcy is about reclaiming your life and vision; to live our day to day that is financially affordable. This is what we have witnessed from people who are struggling with finances: hiding from creditors, borrowing money from your friends and family to get those creditors off your back for just a moment of peace. Then hiding from your loved ones because you can’t repay them, and then borrowing from your retirement to pay them back, etc. There is cycle when your finances are straining. We can help you show you how live independently again. Call us now at 637-9620/1.

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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Bankruptcy Chapter 7 or Chapter 13? Which Chapter is right for you? At the Law Offices of Mark Williams we can help explain the difference and take the mystery out of bankruptcy for you! Each type has benefits that can produce different outcomes. Each type of bankruptcy provides the consumer with advantages that cannot be obtained from other forms of debt relief. Let us help you pursue the type of debt relief that reflects your best interest in your life circumstances. Call us today for a free friendly consultation at 637-9620!

Check out more valuable information about Guam's Laws and working with Mark Williams, Guam's Best Lawyer, on Dededo Law Office's website,

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Mark Williams, P.C.
Attorney Mark Williams has been a trial lawyer for over 23 years.
Mr. Williams is currently licensed to practice law in the federal and local courts of Guam and the C.N.M.I. Since 1996, Mr. Williams has maintained an office in Guam in the private practice of law.

Mr. Williams opened his law office in order to assist those in the community who are most often in need of representation. With this in mind, Mr. Williams has sought to provide legal assistance and representation to the following:
  • Those who have been the victims of injuries - who are forced to handle their own claims and expenses against insurance companies and negligent parties, who need assistance to protect their legal rights, including claims for their own pain and suffering, medical and other expenses, lost wages, etc.
  • Those who have been the victims of the overbearing actions of creditors and financial institutions – who need to protect their homes, their incomes, and their families and to secure a fresh start for their families.
  • Those seeking to reunify their families within the immigration law – who are often unable to obtain professional assistance with the paperwork, follow up, and representation necessary to be successful.
  • Those who are falsely accused of criminal charges. As a former prosecutor, Mr. Williams understands the “ins and outs” of criminal defense and the legal system in court.
  • Those who seek to protect their family’s future through proper estate planning and probate.
  • Those who are wrongly terminated, disciplined, or discriminated against at work.
  • Middle-income families needing routine legal assistance with personal legal matters including Deeds, Wills, Trusts, Name Changes, Guardianships, Adoptions, Powers of Attorney, etc.
  • Those small businesses seeking to protect their businesses and a lifetime of work from personal liability claims, as well as improperly-handled or maintained organization, reporting, or contracting matters, as well as general legal compliance issues.

Big businesses, Insurance Companies, Financial Institutions, Employers, and the Government have all the resources they need to obtain a lawyer when they need one. It is the injured persons, debtors, immigrant workers, criminal defendants, and employees who are often the most in need of legal assistance and representation to protect their legal rights.
Mr. Williams is a member of the American Bar Association (ABA), American Trial Lawyer’s Association (ATLA), the Guam Bar Association and the C.N.M.I. Bar Association. He has provided private training and lectures on various legal issues for over fifteen (15) years.
Mr. Williams was born in South Carolina, and grew up in Tennessee prior to enlisting in the United States Air Force in 1982. Since that time, Mr. Williams has been a resident of Guam. Mr. Williams was educated at the University of Maryland, the University of Oklahoma, Samford University and Cumberland School of Law, and graduated with a Juris Doctorate degree in 1991. 

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