Friday, January 15, 2016


If you have a driver license, it is likely that at least once in your lifetime you will be in an auto accident. Here are five immediate tips you can do to help protect yourself or your loved ones.

#1 - Get as much information as you can. Don't just rely on the police to document everything for you; even if you are hurt and do not require immediate medical attention.

#2 - Photograph, Photograph, Photograph! Take photos of all cars involved; especially before the vehicles are moved. This can help prove later on that the accident happened the way you say it happened. Also photograph your visible injuries; this can be important later when your visible injuries have already healed.

#3 - Gather Witness Contact Information - A non-biased witness can be important in proving your side of the accident. The other driver has their own version of what happened, having a witness can be helpful with strengthening your case.

#4 - Get the other driver's personal contact information and their insurance carrier's name and policy number. (see #1)

#5 - Most importantly, go get medical attention if you've been hurt. You don't have to 'tough it out'- if you're hurt, seek medical help.


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