Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Debt Settlement–Yet Again?
Recently, I’ve seen commercials on television for yet another debt settlement company.

The tagline for this particular debt settlement company is that “you have the right to settle your credit card debt. That’s good news for you; bad news for the credit card company.”

My reaction is that I cannot believe yet another company that will soon find itself in trouble for bilking consumers out of thousands of dollars is making yet another big advertising push. 
You do not have a “right” to settle your debt with credit card companies. I suppose, technically, you have the right to make an offer and they have a right to say, “no!”
Bankruptcy is a federal program that is designed to help the hardworking people of America not swindle them into a downward spiral of being further in debt with a program that isn't designed to help people but to rather, help themselves.
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