Friday, June 23, 2017


One of the most common reasons for marriage problems is money problems.  Money Magazine says that couples who fight, fight more about finances than any other issue.  So when it comes to financial problems, relationship problems seem to coincide. Often one leads to the other, regardless of which begins first. Some people say financial problems led to relationship trouble. Other says relationship problems led to the money problems.
No matter which comes first, the money or the marriage problem, once both are in play, life and peace of mind can get very messy and stressful for you and your home and family life.  This also means that clearing up financial problems might help save your marriage and, in that case, bankruptcy could help you deal with money issues and might get your relationship back on track. 
Whether there’s a way to fix your marriage problems or not, clearing up your money issues should make your life easier, and give your relationship a better chance to succeed, because unmanageable debt contributes to stress, which can in turn strip away your peace of mind and quality of life.  Getting out of debt can greatly improve your life and reduce stress. And without all that weighing you down, you might be surprised that your relationship and homelife also can improve significantly.
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