Saturday, July 22, 2017

Stop Digging Your Hole Further!

STOP throwing your good money after bad debt trying to escape that proverbial hole you find yourself sinking in.

Typically, by the time people realize that they need to consider bankruptcy, the damage is far more severe that it would have been otherwise necessary.  We’ve seen people drain their assets and retirement accounts that could have been protected from creditors inside bankruptcy.
Most of us feel we have a moral obligation to pay what we owe and even mistakenly believe the Bible requires you to pay debt in full even if it takes the rest of your lives (see Deuteronomy). 
Unfortunately, people continue to try to chip away debt-little by little-penny by penny, on debts that they are never going to be able to repay in their lifetimes, prolonging the destruction that happens when people find themselves a position of being ‘in over their heads’.  They divert money that could have been used to support themselves in retirement or even to be able to take of their family now.
There is a purpose for bankruptcy.  Its designed for relief. Its designed to protect or even an allowance to walk away from an impossible situation.
Shockingly, even in this day and age, people still continue believe the myths reported by the financial industries, like their credit will be ruined! (That is definitely false! It does the opposite!)
Our office has been helping people in bankruptcy for over 22 years.  We will enlighten you to understand benefits and the helpful effects of filing bankruptcy.

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