Sunday, January 14, 2018

Financial First Aid

Many people do not want to think about financial burdens and problems as they go into the New Year.  Even as people start creating their new budgets for the year at hand it may become clear that there isn’t enough money to go around.  Anxiety can creep in at that point and individuals start thinking about second jobs and the longer they think about that, they realize they’ll never see their families or wonder how would anyone be able keep up with that kind of schedule.

We’re here to tell you there is Financial First Aid.  Bankruptcy isn’t what your Momma told you.  Bankruptcy is a federal program that is designed to help you.  It doesn’t take away all your assets.  It doesn’t stop you from borrowing for 7 years.  It doesn’t ruin your name, etc.

Let us tell you what it really does.  It can give your life back.  It can help you get your finances under control and in some cases, improve your credit score.

We’ve heard people say, ‘I made my bed, I gotta lie in it’.  This is just wrong thinking.  Bankruptcy isn’t about people not being responsible; its about people needing a helping hand.

At The Law Office of Mark Williams, we will be your helping hands.  Give us a call, the consultation is free and you’re going to get some good information about what Bankruptcy is really all about.  Call 637-9620.  There is a solution.

Attorney Mark Williams has over 22 years experience in turning around people's financial situation.  He can help you too. #1 trusted bankruptcy attorney in Guam.  The Law really is on your side.

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